At Nordic Modular, we work purposefully to create an environment that stimulates the employees’ job satisfaction and motivation. Job satisfaction and personal development are important factors in both motivation and profits. The company structure we have chosen serves to define the businesses' different product ranges, business models and focus areas.

Nordic Modular

Nordic Modular’s operation is conducted exclusively in the subsidiaries Temporent, Flexator and Nordic Modular Leasing. The role of the parent company is to coordinate and develop business outside of the subsidiaries’ current field of activity.

In an annual employee survey, we take the pulse of the organisation to obtain a control tool to base our efforts on. The employee questionnaire provides a description of the employees’ job satisfaction and loyalty, and is presented as a job-satisfaction index. Nordic Modular attaines a job-satisfaction index on par with the average for Swedish industry generally. The figures inspires us to continue our efforts to make Nordic Modular a work environment where employees feel satisfied and motivated.

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