Nordic Modular wants to grow by means of a continued focus on rentals and investment in catalogue buildings for professional purposes.

Nordic Modular

Temporentrents out temporary modular set ups with a primary focus on offices, schools and preschools. The modular systems are sophisticated and offer the customer advantages over competing products on the market.

Flexator manufactures and sells everything from permanent, advanced buildings for professional purposes to site huts. The focus is on relocatable in-house designed buildings offering cost benefits to the customers, so called catalogue buildings.

Nordic Modular Leasingoffers Flexator’s Swedish customers long-term leasing pf relocatable buildings on certain conditions. Buildings under lease contracts terminated by the customer are rented out again or sold second-hand to new customers. The operation also encompasses the Hagtornet subsidiary’s rental of small flats for young people.

Focus on expansion at Temporent and on Flexator's Catalogue Buildings

Temporent’s rental market in Sweden has grown over the course of several decades and there is no sign yet that this growth trend will slow down. In the neighbouring countries, the market is still almost undeveloped, which offers us opportunities for further expansion. The majority of Nordic Modular’s earnings and cash flow comes from Temporent and there are still ample opportunities to expand with an increased market penetration into existing and new areas.

In recent years, Flexator has developed a product range, which is described in a housing catalogue for buildings for professional purposes. The catalogue buildings have been designed to take advantage of the cost benefits offered by the modular technique without compromising quality and standards. The cost benefit of up to one third of the building costs gives such opportunities for savings that many projects, which otherwise could not be carried out for commercial reasons, become fully realistic undertakings. One such example is the investment in new student accommodation, which would be entirely feasible using Flexator's catalogue buildings.

Nordic Modular Leasing works symbiotically with Flexator regarding the leasing of newly produced buildings and with Temporent regarding the renting out of used buildings. The operation in its current form supports Flexator’s investment in catalogue buildings, which means especially good precondi­tions for leasing deals. Within the company, Nordic Modular Leasing also plans to experiment in project development based on Flexator's catalogue buildings. The operation also includes the Hagtornet subsidiary’s rental of small flats for young people.

The use and coordination of the competences within the different business areas have helped the respective businesses to develop. Further development of the management cooperation will lead to continuous development of both associated businesses and new enterprises.


  • The focus shall be on relocatable modular buildings with the greatest possible degree of prefabrication
  • Improved product image through development and design
  • Increasing the customer's awareness of the advantages of the concept
  • Organic growth within the rental operation
  • Facilitating the establishment of new markets and an expansion of the operations by means of acquisitions
  • Utilising the skills found within the group’s various departments via focused management cooperation for the development of existing and new operations. 

Business Concept

Nordic Modular shall develop, manufacture, sell and rent out relocatable buildings for professional customers in the Nordic countries.


As a market leader, Nordic Modular shall develop the Nordic market for modular construction so that relocatable buildings are regarded as a natural alternative and complement to traditional local supply and property development.

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