Frequently Asked Questions

What are modules?

Industrially manufactured sectional units made into finished rooms and fitted with standardised interfaces which come together to form individually designed buildings in any con­figuration. The modules are made of floor, wall and roof elements which are fitted together and then finished at the factory with a surface layer, permanent fixtures and installa­tions. The modules are transported by lorry to the building site where they are lifted into place and set up on a prepared foundation.

What is a relocatable building?

Buildings designed and constructed to be transported and installed efficiently and repeatedly that can be substantially reused in whole or in part at future building sites.

What is a modular arrangement?

A temporary, relocatable building constructed using standardised modules freely positioned next to, and where appropriate, on top of one another.

What is the definition of opeational leasing?

Rental arrangement where the lessor essentially assumes all the functions of ownership. The property is regarded as an asset in the lessor’s financial statements. Operational leasing presupposes that any future purchase will be made at market value and that the lessee in no way eliminates the financial risk for the lessor.

What do you mean by catalogue buildings?

A product range consisting of relocatable buildings of the company’s own design for use as professional buildings which take advantage of the cost benefits offered by the module technique without compromising the quality and standard of the construction.

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