Corporate Responsibility / Environment

Taking responsibility for how people and the environment are affected by our operation is an important condition for our long-term development and profitability.

Nordic Modular CSR

A good image is not merely a matter of economic success, but also the result of the way in which we run our business. As a business and an employer, we strives to be a responsible company. Corporate responsibility concerns social, ethical and environ­mental responsibility toward our employees and customers as well as to the community at large.


The Temporent and Flexator subsidiaries are environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and formulate their own environmental policies. Environmental efforts focus on minimising the environmental impact of development, production and handling of our products. We avoid all materials and methods posing environmental hazards. Care for the environment also implies economical use of resources as well as placing demands on our own, our suppliers' and our contractor's environmental work as long as it is environmentally justified, technically possible and economically defensible.

Since 2010, Temporent has compensated for all the CO2 emissions from its transport of modules. From 2017 it is done by supporting projects certified in accordance with the United Nations CDM system, supplemented with Gold Standard. The company has also identified the tenants' energy consumption for heating as an important aspect and, for this reason, is running several development projects with the aim of reducing the energy consumption in newly-produced modules as well as in existing, installed modular set ups.

Social and Ethical Responsibility

The group runs its operation using legitimate business practices. An obvious base for the ethical guidelines is that the company, through its employees, shall respect applicable legislation and other regulations and comply with international standards for human rights, labour and the environment.

Community Involvement

Many of our products are used as school premises. For this reason, the Temporent and Flexator subsidiaries support activities involved in the well-being of children, such as The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Our Priorities

  • Minimising the mileage per transported module and reducing the number of material shipments
  • Minimising the energy consumption of our products
  • Action programme for reducing energy consumption in the factories.

Childsupporter Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund

Barnsupporter Företag Webbknapp

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