The Anneberg factory within Flexator was founded under the name Oresjös Fabriker AB. The same year, what was then Skånska Cementgjuteriet launched the factory in Eslöv as a concrete unit factory for its manufacture of small houses.


The Gråbo factory within Flexator was built as a field factory for Skanska’s residential department in Gothenburg.


Oresjö Sektionhus AB and SektionsByggarna Oresjö AB were sold to Skanska (then known as Skånska Cementgjuteriet). The leasing operation which began on a small scale just a few years earlier was gradually expanded.


The Flexator name was introduced for the marketing of relocatable buildings.


SektionsByggarna formed a group of subsidiaries within Skanska in connection with the takeover of the Gråbo factory as Gråbo Bygg AB.


SektionsByggarna expanded with the takeover of the Eslöv factory as Skanska Komponent AB (the name was subsequently changed to Komponex AB) in Eslöv. Manufacturing in SektionsByggarna was separated and placed in the newly formed subsidiary Flexator AB. Only the leasing operations remained with the parent company.


SektionsByggarna took over Skanska Trading, a company dealing in modules and second-hand construction machinery. The latter operations were sold to the founder. Skanska Trading changed its name to Temporent AB and the company started new operations focusing solely on module rentals and short-term rental contracts.


The parent company, SektionsByggarna, changed its name to Skanska Modul AB.


Flexator took over the responsibility for developing and adapting the existing BoKlok concept for buildings using housing modules. In the same year, Flexator bought the Gullringhus factory property in Gullringen and started rebuilding a production facility for the manufacture of BoKlok.


The BoKlok factory in Gullringen was sold to Myresjöhus, which later sold it to Skanska Sweden.


3i, with investment funds, formed Nordic Modular Group AB which acquired the Skanska Modul Group from Skanska at the end of the year.


The property company Kungsleden AB (publ.) acquired the Nordic Modular Group from 3i. In connection with the acquisition, Nordic Modular Group AB took over Kungsleden's subsidiary, Flexihus Rent i Sverige AB. Temporent acquired Hyrab's module rentals through Liacon AB, with registered office in Borås. Flexator put into operation the dormant factory in Eslöv. The Eslöv factory started producing modules and accessories for Temporent.


Nordic Modular Leasing took over Hagtornet Modul AB from Kungsleden. Hagtornet engaged in the rental of modular student residences.


Inter IKEA Investments (later changed to Nalka Invest) acquires Nordic Modular Group via subsidiaries.


Cramo group acquires Nordic Modular group. 

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