The Company in Brief

The group conducts development, manufacture, sale and rental of relocatable buildings for professional customers in the Nordic countries.

Nordic Modular - Relocatable buildings for professional customers

Operations are run through the subsidiaries Temporent, Flexator and Nordic Modular Leasing.

  • Flexator manufactures and sells everything from permanent, advanced buildings for professional purposes to site huts.
  • Temporent rents out temporary modular set ups with a primary focus on offices, schools and preschools.
  • Nordic Modular Leasing offers Flexator's Swedish customers long-term leasing of relocatable buildings on certain conditions. The operation also encompasses the Hagtornet subsidiary’s rental of student residences.

Modular Buildings are Nothing Like “Sheds”

Historically, modular buildings have been used as simple barracks or as site huts on construction sites, but they offer much greater possibilities. Modular buildings should not be associated with “barracks” which bring to mind simple buildings. The modular method of construction does not determine the standard of the finished building. The method simply involves greater efficiency resulting in lower construction costs.

Instead, the standard is determined by the design. For the layman, it is impossible to tell the difference between Flexator’s preschools, schools, offices and homes for the elderly from buildings built onsite. Provided that Flexator’s product standard is followed, the difference is in the price.

Temporent's rental modules also offer all the comfort and functionality of "traditional" houses built on-site. The difference with standard buildings is that each individual module must be compatible with each other, so they can be used interchangeably and in different arrangements over time.

A Flexible and Economic Solution

Relocatable modular buildings are an attractive alternative for customers wishing to extend their premises while keeping the disruptions to other onsite activities to a minimum.

  • As each module is fully completed in the factory prior to being transported to the building site, onsite construction time is very short.
  • The buyer’s estimated risk of going over budget is also considerably reduced when compared to a traditional construction contract.
  • As well, the risk for defects in quality is also limited - thanks to the entire process taking place indoors in a controlled factory setting. In the factory it is always 18ºC and cloudless.

Rental customers are offered a very fast way of increasing their floor space in line with the expansion of their businesses, without tying up capital in buildings. If and when the customer finds he no longer needs the extra floor space, it can be reduced gradually. The fact that modular set ups can be erected on the customer’s land in direct connection with the customer's existing operations provides a unique advantage, which cannot be gained by renting alternative premises outside the facility.

At present, the public sector accounts for about three quarters of all sales and the commercial sector for the remainder.

Strong position

Nordic Modular’s strong position on the market is built on taking great interest in the customers' needs and the solid knowledge and skills of its staff. Flexator was founded in 1956. The leasing operations were launched in 1978 and Temporent in 1995. The ambition is to lead the development of a Nordic market for relocatable modular buildings.

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